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Google Reviews

Andrew Hopkins Avatar
Andrew Hopkins
6/02/2019 - Google

Must visit. Big dance floor, great music, and an even better staff. Found a bar to call home away from home! 10/10 I recommend again.

Ania Styczeń Avatar
Ania Styczeń
9/21/2019 - Google

Great place in the heart of Rome! Love the atmosphere, friendly bartenders and music. Absolutely recommended if you're looking for a cool, not very crowded, place.
I will come back... Tomorrow!

Krasmsark Krasmsark Avatar
Krasmsark Krasmsark
9/25/2019 - Google

I went to this bar with a couple of friends.
It's a very nice and super refined roman style place.
We've been in many places and almost every pub working with tourists seems trying to steal you money with a very bad quality service.
Top quality ambience, service and customership! Reasonable prices.
We tried many different cocktails in our 4 days of stay... Top!
Easy place for everybody and for everyday night crawling.
Will come back for sure guys! Thank You!!

Miglior Materasso Avatar
Miglior Materasso
2/20/2020 - Google

Great place, very friendly environvment. A good variety of cocktails, not just the popular drinks. Very recommended

Francesco Lolli Avatar
Francesco Lolli
11/14/2019 - Google

Wonderful place, excellent vibe and cocktails.
The roman decor is absolutely stunning
At the bar Elisabetta and Nando deserves and Oscar for making you feel like in the ancient times: pampered and well looked after...Julius Caesar style 😀

Ciao and see you soon

Tripadvisor Reviews

Picicchia Avatar
5 star rating
12/11/2016 - TripAdvisor

Stupendo Consiglio a tutti questo fantastico locale
accogliente molto curato nei particolari
Il personale è all'altezza e i cocktail sono

gfabbri2016 Avatar
5 star rating
12/09/2016 - TripAdvisor

posto unico a Roma 5 stelle piene: locale divertentissimo per ballare e vedere le partite di rugby!!! Mi sono divertito a vedere l'italia battere il sud africa e solo per questo è valsa la pena!!!

Kriscel S Avatar
Kriscel S
4 star rating
5/20/2018 - TripAdvisor

?? Abbiamo passato una bella serata. I drink sono fantastici. Mi aspettavo un tagliere con più cibo visto il prezzo ma sono buoni.

eliacri Avatar
5 star rating
5/20/2017 - TripAdvisor

TOP Esperienza decisamente positiva sia per il rapporto qualità/prezzo sia per la disponibilità e cortesia del personale. Eccellente selezione di distillati che rendono ogni cocktail unico nel suo genere.

Acinalove Avatar
5 star rating
2/19/2019 - TripAdvisor

FANTASTICO Locale curato nei minimi dettagli e personale cordiale e disponibile.
Cocktail buonissimi e fatti a regola d’arte!
Consiglio vivamente di assaggiare la porchetta che è buonissima!!!!

Facebook Reviews

Ariana Ferri Avatar
Ariana Ferri
2/19/2018 - Facebook

Great place!! Nice atmosphere, good if you just want to chill and get a drink and also good if you want to party all night! The staff is very friendly and the cocktails are amazing. I highly recommend it and for sure will come back!

Els Willekens Avatar
Els Willekens
positive review 
3/30/2019 - Facebook

Gezellige bar met vriendelijk personeel.

Stuart Gardner Avatar
Stuart Gardner
7/10/2018 - Facebook

Gutted we only found this bar on the last night in Rome.. staff where really really friendly and the strawberry diaquiris where delightful! Seemed a very nice chilled out place!

Li Ne Avatar
Li Ne
5/26/2017 - Facebook

Très bonne soiree ! Le barman et au top et l ambiance est au rendez vous ! ��

Dario Ansaldi Avatar
Dario Ansaldi
12/30/2017 - Facebook

Bel locale, cocktail davvero buoni e bartenders simpaticissimi! ���

Yelp Reviews

Rachel R. Avatar
Rachel R.
4 star rating
3/31/2017 - Yelp

This is actually a pretty chill, laid back bar.

They make really good kamikazee's, or any mixed drink rather. That's more their specialty than beer. It's darkly lit, and not too loud, but not quiet enough that you hear everyone else. There's no dancing upstairs, but there is light music playing. Like I said, it's a great place to relax and have a conversation.

Ilan S. Avatar
Ilan S.
5 star rating
5/27/2019 - Yelp

Excellent cocktails and a friendly staff. Definitely would come again on my next visit to Rome.

Amira E. Avatar
Amira E.
5 star rating
3/25/2019 - Yelp

Okay so I'm from the states and came to visit Italy with friends. We stumbled across this place because we were looking for something to do but sort of chill and fun. It's a dope bar with really cool people with a dance floor downstairs. Drinks were amazing, bartenders were amazing and everyone was super nice and friendly. So I would definitely recommend if your looking for a good place to hangout. The specialty drink they have is amazing, sweet and it sneaks up on you. They have food, we had a some sort of sandwich which I can't remember what kind because we were drinking but I know it was good lol

Angi T. Avatar
Angi T.
5 star rating
11/15/2019 - Yelp

Julius Caesar is a fun neighbor bar in Italy. This is a great time to use Yelp to allow to explore bar options and possible happy hours.  This is a little different than the norm because they make crafted cocktails.  I mean real crafted items.  At the time we entered the bar was pretty much ours.  It's one long room but they also have additional seating downstairs.  If I get to choose I always want to be at the bar to watch the mixologist do their magic.  I opted for a beer because I travel for beer.  They had a nice pilsner with a low abv 4.5% but it was tasty.  The other drinks were sooo cool to watch.  Their list were all of their hand crafted cocktails.  The only thing he asked was their spirit of choice.  As he shakes, stir, and garnish the different size glasses, we filmed it all for the gram.  They drinks were all wonderful.  As we waited for the next drink the music was blasting and we danced or sung along with fellow patrons. It was time to go and we whipped out our Yelp app again to receive our discount for the drinks.  Thanks YELP!

Jenny N. Avatar
Jenny N.
5 star rating
2/25/2019 - Yelp

My friends and I had a great time at this bar! We are all traveling from different countries and stayed at a nearby hostel so decided to check this bar out. Music was good. Drinks were great. Service was top notch! Beers were €4-6 and cocktails were €8-10. I really enjoyed all my drinks and would recommend this place to travelers!

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