Welcome Gentes!!

The Imperial Pub in Rome

This is the Julius Caesar Gurgustium Official Website.

The JC’s is the Oldest DiscoPub in Rome, the last one Handcrafted Club of the Capital.

This is the right place for international people who want to share their experiences and meet new friends while in Rome.

Kind & Friendly people like you are always welcome!

Here you and your friends will be able to taste High Quality Drinks.

We have a vast list of Very Good Cocktails, Spirits and Beer.

Our Bartenders are all well experienced in Mixology and Cocktail making.

For all ages in the early evening, relaxing playing a selection of best Rock music.

Later, we usually start the dancefloor around 1am, whatever you want to play and dance!

That’s for people who don’t want to go to sleep too early…

For more info about the JC’s, just click on the ‘About’ section.

See you soon Guys 😉

Welcome Gentes!!

How JC's works...

Hey Buddy ! What are you looking for ?

JC’s Afternoons

Stay relaxed, drink a top quality Caffè or Cappuccino, maybe a Cup of Tea or just start Drinking from the opening! Power Outlets and Hi-Speed WiFi  available @ JC's. Have a break from all your planned tours! Not everyday open in the afternoon, Better Check On Google...

In the Early Evening

People of Every Age are welcome to drink Premium Quality stuff and relaxing, chatting and hearing Good Music... Soft Rock, Blues, Jazz & Co. A good Entertainment for Kind & Friendly People @ JC's!!

Later in the Night

Around 1am, out of control people will step downstairs to 'The Cave',  our Underground Dancefloor. Who doesn't like noisy and supercrowded discoteques will find here the perfect suitable place to enjoy, dancing all together!

What @ JC's ..?

The 'Gurgustium'


Test our Bartenders skills!
Let them suggest you the perfect cocktail for you! Or just ask them whatever you’d like to drink!
All the ingredients, from spirits to fruit, are top quality. You’ll also find many handmade products @ JC’s.

Distilled & Spirits

Not everybody likes Cocktails… Don’t worry!
Premium Quality and Top Brands drinks are ready to be served to more demanding clients!

Service & Location

If you’re looking for a place where you can feel like at home, the JC’s is the right one!
Drinking, chatting and relaxing while meeting new people like sitting in an extension of your living room located in the Capital’s City Centre.
That’s JC’s, with a touch of Zero Anno Domini ambience.
A well refined Ancient Roman Style will charm you like never before!


First of all… You will meet Us!
Alone or with your friends you’ll never feel alone here.
Within minutes you’ll probably met already all the people inside the club.
Around 1am we usually fire up our underground dancefloor ‘The Cave’!
Not everyday but often… Karaoke, live music and parties!

A few bottles of Our Drink Selection

Upcoming Events... Click here also for Sporting Events

There are no upcoming events at this time

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